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Moreover, for the first time in exclusive from Spinnin' Records we have an interview to BoonT, which is only available here:


Introduce yourself 

- Hi! My name is Tom Bouniard a.k.a BoonT, DJ and producer from France. I live in Paris for my studies but I've grown in a small town called Oppede in the south of France.

How did you start making music?

- I'm 19 years old and started at the age of 13 to get interested in music. I started by learning how to mix on a controller, experimenting with transitions and mashups by myself. A few months later, I started to produce my first tracks on FL Studio, taking piano and music theory lessons at conservatory next to that.

How did 'Waiting' was born?

- I was experimenting with sound design on Serum and created the bass you can hear in the intro. I loved it because it was very fresh and unique. So I started to work on a melody, then found a cool vocal to fit the track... This is how "Waiting" started! It took me a long time to find the best one after making seven versions of it.

Has anything changed after that?

- Nothing changed in my "real" life, but being released on Spinnin' Talent Pool is a real achievement in my career. I’m motivated more than ever to reach more listeners and make the world discover my music!

How does it feel to be a 19 years old French boy that suddenly got supported by Dannic and Music By Lukas? Which advice would you give to those who are rejected from labels?

- I am very proud to be supported by these amazing producers and DJs, that have inspired my music for so many years. I've been producing for a long time now and seeing those big artists supporting my music is one of the best recognition I can have. I know that it can be very frustrating to not have an answer from labels. I've been through this feeling too and funny fact: I almost removed my track from the Talent Pool contest, thinking that I was not good enough to be released. The moral is that you have to be confident about yourself and your music, even if your tracks are rejected. Keep working hard and be patient, there’s no reason you can’t do it if I can!

Do your parents support you?

- Yes I am very lucky because my parents have always believed in me since I started music, and they are still supporting me today!

What's at your studio?

- I have two studio monitors (very cheap ones), a 88 keys piano that I use for searching melodies and studio headphones from Sennheiser that I use to mix my tracks. I also have LEDs to set the mood :)

What's your favorite VST?

- For my mixes, I use a lot of plugins from Fabfilter. They are very accurate and I can have full control over a lot of parameters. For sound design, I love serum which is for me one of the best plugin out there today. It's very intuitive and I can do whatever I want very quickly, from simple sub-bass to complex sounds.

At your profile, we just can see three songs, why just those?

- I have always been very exigent with myself, and this is why you can only find 3 tracks on my profile. I've been producing for almost 7 years now, but I started to promote my music for a bit more than one year only.  I wanted to be sure that my music was sounding good and professional before starting to upload my first tracks. I have a lot of projects in progress at the moment so stay tuned!

What is your favorite genre?

- I listen to a lot of different genres, from Jazz and Classical music to Dubstep and Hardcore, but I am still a big House music lover!

With only one word, how can you describe yourself and your sound?

- Energetic :)

Thank you for your time BoonT!