Runaway Remix Contest

Make your own flip of "Runaway by MadBoys", and win an official release! 

Hi everybody again!

We know it's been a while but we're back and with top content. Since the incredible support that we received and to continue with such a healthy and interesting activity we are organising a remix contest! And it's not for other than MadBoys!

Everybody was so hyped at social media so we decided to give these jolly fellas an oportunity to prove if the had what's needed.

We will explain the rules again, or you can just check our first remix contest.

The winners will be signed, that means, that you can start your professional career in the music world.

Check the original one, download the stems, and start producing. Good luck to everyone!

The contest begins 2024/04/01 and the dead line will be the 15th May of 2024.

[128 BPM]